Focus on making your publicity an inch wide and a mile deep, in other words having a tight focus on your speciality will help you attract publicity more easily. Having a niche that you can ‘own’ is the first (and most powerful) step to being the go-to expert in your field.
Being an expert comes with deep knowledge gained from both a technical and cognitive level in whatever you’re doing.
Knowledge that’s up-to-date that can be ‘actioned’ sets you apart. You become a problem solver, an analyser of issues that requires thought, creativity, inspiration and talent to solve.Powteach covers this in more detail and how you can apply it to your team building.
It’s a hard gig being an expert because you can never fall back – you must keep your knowledge sharp and your ideas workable in today’s ever-changing economy.
New problems and issues arise daily, but as an expert you recognise the patterns, to the point that a model or framework – a way of devising solutions – forms internally.
These frameworks are our Systems. The things we do as experts that differentiate us from others. It’s the way we do things, the way we think and make change happen.
Systems don’t happen overnight. They take time to develop, but once a pattern forms and the logic of ‘your way of doing things’ can be duplicated, you then have a unique way forward to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself.
Reading, listening and acting on knowledge is the only way to keep up with change.
And if we are doing those things, then sharing your expertise with others is the only way forward.
Publicity gives you that leverage to tell your story in a way that only the media can portray.
Learning how to do publicity well so that your message has clarity and purpose and is heard by others with problems to solve is what all small businesses need to do in a crowded marketplace.
Stand out by knowing how to package what you do and deliver it in a newsworthy way.

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The Advantages of outsourcing

The current and the most noticeable phenomenon among the big and small companies is the rate at which they are adopting business management outsourcing as a tool for enhancing the operations of their company. According to an internet survey it was discovered that some sizable number of companies use business management outsourcing while about half of them are already engaging the services of professionals to support their management needs.

The desire to consider management outsourcing is brought about by the facts that many companies are faced with lack of staffs to handle non-core tasks and they are often faced with staffing problems as it grows bigger in size and scopes. Therefore, at this point in time, what needs to be considered is the business management outsourcing option, or to employ a project manager to oversee all other non – core functions of the company.

 outsourcing options differ from one company to the other because of differences on size and target market. Therefore, some may need a whole team of management consultants while others may need to take another business management outsourcing option. And the end the result for both options are always the same, because there is a bigger rate of success attached in terms of cost saving and profit maximisation.

The realities of taking a  outsourcing option is that every business man knows that efficiency in the business is a panacea for growth and profit maximisation, therefore this approach has so many advantages apart from saving costs, which is the most noticeable features of business management outsourcing.

 outsourcing does not only save costs, it is another way of utilising the talents of the highly paid staff while outsourcing other project that are more tasking and time consuming to service providers.

 outsourcing is another way of maximising work flow, because it will be possible to undertake more than one project at the same time. Another advantage is that business management outsourcing brings in more money. It is carried out in a proper manner if people learn how to do it efficiently.

Another advantage of outsourcing is that tasks assigned can be performed cheaply because the instruments of operations are set up in a location where the service rate is very low and we end up being able to process several jobs per day.

Finally,  outsourcing is another way of getting the job done effectively and economically. This is why many companies have succeeded in outsourcing all their non – core business functions.

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